Decision Support System

Implementation of the SAW Method as a Decision Support for Giving Feasibility of KUR on Bank Mandiri Dramaga Bogor

Currently, the public’s interest is very high to get KUR, but it makes it difficult for banks to determine who is eligible to receive the KUR and in the process of giving credit using the “LOS” system but this system is still quite a time consuming to analyze customer data and the process requires consideration and good analysis from the leader, due to the high number of problem loans. The SAW method was used in this study. The SAW method is able to simplify and accelerate the results of credit lending recommendations. The calculation results obtained by debtors who are very worthy of given credit as much as 1 debtor (4%), decent debtors with low risk as many as 16 debtors (70%), and worthy of being given with high risk as much as 6 debtors (26%) The purpose of this study to know the process and requirements for granting business credit at Bank Mandiri Dramaga Bogor.

Author Frieyadie & Riki Setiyawan
Jenis Jurnal Jurnal Ilmiah Nasional Terakreditasi Peringkat 3
Nama Jurnal PILAR Nusa Mandiri
Terbitan Vol. 16, No. 1 March 2020
Semester Genap 2019/2020
DOI 10.33480/pilar.v16i1.1302
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